Month: January 2012

commonist gallery comes to hastings

The Commonist Gallery

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      SATURDAY MARCH 3rd The Underground,
      35 Robertson Street Hastings TN34 1HT
      Who’s Unconscious? Our Unconscious!
      We welcome –Responses to the current political economic, social and psychic circumstances at the Underground
      In the form of- 1min -1.30 min films for our film reel, which will be projected in the Undergrond in Hastings as well as being shown in the communist gallery T.V booth in the street.Or
      Copies of Posters printed to A 4 or A3 these will be put up in the basement speakeasy, street and pub.In the evening there will be Speakeasy Cabaret.Our own Town Crier will also be released on the streetsYour Contributions 
      1min -1min 30sec films sent to in format compatible with imovie, .dv or .avi format together with one jpeg still from your film. For larger files use a file sharing space like Send Space. We will insert a credit at the end of your film if your movie doesn’t have one. Work is also credited by the means of a T.V guide with the jpeg still form your film. See websites. Deadline for films 26th March
      Send printed posters you have made to Underground Gallery Hastings 35 Robertson Street Hastings TN34 1HT. Good you include multiple copies as we aim to display them in the street as well. Deadline 1st of MarchSymposium What is to be done and who is going to do it?
      A symposium to work out practical ways of continuing to develop an infrastructure for an alternative functioning culture with its own critical discourse will take place in a pub on the following Sunday.The Communist Gallery’s main form of intervention is the ‘guerilla TV Station’ or CGTV – an entirely freestanding and independent broadcasting station in which individuals and groups can show 1-minute films to an extended public. The CGTV Station viewing booths are usually placed in public spaces, which becomes a focus for interruptions. Further info-

      This project is completely unfunded and receives no support whatsoever from any arts organisation or political party.

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