shared space – casson art school

JULY 2014

The Blue Monkey Network Shared Space Residency was a new initiative for 2014, generously supported by Eastbourne College who contributed free use of their Casson Art School studio spaces for two weeks. The six Shared Space artists were able to put aside dedicated time to work alongside each other in the space to develop ideas and experiment with new work without the pressure of a pre-defined agenda or outcome. The two week residency ended with a celebratory open afternoon when the six artists displayed some of the work in progress.

Armed with a long list of things to research and explore – things that have been sitting on the back burner for some time – I was able to devote some really focussed time on just trying things that might normally just get dismissed because they don’t fit with what I normally do – the main aim was to just let things unfold without too much editing, judgment or anxiety.