the mirrored edge

April 2014

underground is no more and am looking elsewhere to curate projects. The mirrored edge is the first venture in a new indoor venue, it’s a multi screen video installation and video screening set up at ESPS (Electro Studios project Space) in St.Leonards. There is plenty of room and scope for discrete areas of screenings and installations allowing free movement between the different works.

This selection of films reflect artists’ interest in some of the concepts that characterise utopian ideals and dystopian fears……….. harmony between nature, man and environment, social equality and concord, aging and defunct technologies, a sense of longing for the recent past, a world challenged by an increasing sense of chaos and disorder, the nature of labour expended on work that says nothing, digital sampling, remix, collage and code, audio-visual ‘mash-up’, intensely hypnotic and nightmarish scenes, ambiguous and confusing messages, disturbing and baffling methods of communication, urban degradation and rural bliss.

Artists include: Chooc Ly Tan    Sandra Crisp    Lucinda Wells    Sharon Haward   Toby Tatum    Jenny Milarski   Matt Littlemore    Izabela Brudkiewicz     Bonnie McAllister & Brian McClendon    Alexis Milne & Tex Royale   Matthew Rowe   Mocksim     Rachael Finney    Sebastian Seynaeve    Jilliene Sellner


digital configurations

JAN 2014

Not long now until we leave the underground experimental project space … making the most of the time left to explore potential of video sculpture, using framing devices to expand/truncate/disrupt 4:3 screen formats and create a sense of other ‘beyond the screen’ spaces.